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admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Live view of picked/not picked/drop-off students
  • Manage pupil data with online portal
  • Generate student ID cards
  • Monitor fleet positions
  • Real-time view of number of students in busses
  • View students with names/details on board buses
  • Alert if the bus is not verified empty
  • Manage busses, driver, attendant data
  • Manage routes, bus stops
  • Generate various reports in PDF/Excel format
  • Ad-hoc routes for Trips
  • Bus fee payment system (optional)


Parent App

  • Advance notification on arrival of bus on stop
  • Monitor school bus route with map view
  • Instant notification/ SMS alert, if child misses the school bus
  • Direct call to attendant (in emergency)
  • Attendance status with time stamp
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Exact time of child pick & drop off


Bus Attendance Smart Device

  • Attendance marked via student ID card
  • QR/NFC/RFID cards supported
  • Online attendance marking procedure for pupil who forget bus id card
  • Real-time attendance updated via SBAS cloud
  • Real-time updated list of pupil with emergency numbers
  • Attendance alert to parents via smart phone app and web portal
  • Attendance with time stamps view for parents and transport management



  • Fail safe system to count all children boarded and dropped off
  • Physical inspection enforced by system to verify bus empty status
  • No child left behind check
  • Real-time alert to Parents if the child misses the bus (SMS and online)
  • Updated Pupil data with the attendant to contact parents in case of Emergency
  • Real-time monitoring of busses in central command and control room (Admin Panel)
  • Bus over speeding alert to transport manager
  • Parents app to view bus location in real-time

Smart Bus Attendance System

Safety of children is the foremost requirement for any school and parent, SBAS gives the comfort and control of a well designed system which provides complete features for transporting little angels from home to school and back.

Parent Application

This application gives confidence to parents by providing real time attendance status. It also sends automatic alert (SMS) to the assigned mobile number in case of student absence.

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Bus Attendant Smart Device

Bus attendant mark attendance of students by scanning the QR code or NFC on their ID cards and automatic notifications/alerts sent to parents


Entry & Exit Control Device

Our new featured device iCEEC gives the comfort to school management as well as parents ensuring safe entry and exit of children to and from school.

This System allows the school management to know exact number of students entered the school campus either by bus or by own transport.The attendance is recorded with timestamp and gate info for analysis.

The Exit control Device helps the identification of authorised person with real-time updated information of students he/she can take with.

The Exit Device records exact time and update on cloud for parent and school information

checkin checkout

Check In

  • Ensure safety by recording student entrance time in school
  • Gate attendant scan student ID card on entrance with device
  • Update exact entrance date & time of students to school /parents

Check Out

  • Parent ID card scanned at Exit gate
  • Gate attendant verify the parent & student information
  • Gate attendant mark the children taken by parents
  • Records student check out time from school
  • Update exact exit date & time of students to school/parents

Fleet View

Admin has access to view the vivid fleet status via map which shows bus stops & school buses exact locations. Admin also see the detail info of school buses including driver, attendant name with total number of students picked up etc.


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